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Once you have decided to get a chinchilla pet, you need to ensure that it is safe, healthy and happy. In order to care for your chinchilla pets, you need to acquire everything necessary for your pet’s well being. In this article, you will know the proper ways for chinchilla care in terms of food and diet as well as habitat.

Chinchilla Food and Diet
Chinchillas are vegetarians and have a sensitive stomach. You need to feed them with specific foods in order to keep them healthy. They are also among the animals that eat their own feces, but you do not need to worry as this is normal to them. Coprophagy or eating their own excrement makes them healthy.

A nutritious and well balanced diet is highly important to keep your pet’s good health. There are plenty of foods for chinchillas available in the market and you can find them in your local pet store. These are commercial foods that are produced in pellet forms and especially made for chinchillas. These foods come in pellet form to ensure that your pets can easily eat and easily digest them.

Another food that you need to give your pets is hay. Hay provides the right amount of roughage that your chinchillas need. Also, hay aids the wearing teeth of your pet. Probably, Alfalfa and Timothy hay are the best for your pets. Obtaining hay rack ensures that you can keep a good supply of hay for your pet. Chinchillas also need to have a good source of clean water at all times.

If you want to ensure better chinchilla care, you need to give your pets treats. These animals love treats as they only need to feed occasionally. These treats include nuts, dried fruit and seeds. However, make sure not to feed them with these foods very often as these are fatty foods. You can find plenty of chinchilla treats at your local pet store including sunflower seeds, unsalted nuts and dried fruits like apples, peaches, cranberries, bananas and peaches.

Giving your pets supplement is essential for better chinchilla care. Supplements can provide your chinchillas with the essential nutrients that they are lacking. Giving your pets Vitamin C is also beneficial to them.

Chinchilla Care and Habitat
Chinchillas have sharp teeth and you need to place them on a chew proof cage. The cage must be at least 16 x 20 x 16 inches in size for one chinchilla. But you may need to put your pet in a huge cage to give him plenty of room to sleep, move around and play.

You also need to provide your pets with shredded paper as his bedding. You may also provide your pet with a large exercise wheel for him to play with and a dusting powder for his bathing. Chinchillas require a great healthcare if you want them to be with your family for a long period of time.

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